Zinc Primer by Steel City Fabrications Ltd

Hi-build Zinc Phosphate Primer

High build Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer is a non-toxic high performance primer based on anti-corrosive zinc phosphate pigment in a special medium.

Suitable for use on manually / blast cleaned iron and steel substrates. An excellent anti-corrosive primer which is lead and chromate free.

This primer finish is applied to the product by a paint spray system giving a smooth and professional looking finish.

Primer however is not to be used as a finished top coat and any item asked for in primer would need to be covered with at least two coats of a specialist steel topcoat paint suitable for the internal or external conditions that the product will be subject too. It is recommended that the product should be top coated as soon as possible after delivery or installation on site.

Primer is only available in four colours Black, Grey, Red or White.